Selteq’s leading CRM solution enables businesses to manage their customer interaction & track business opportunities.

Streamlining Complex Business Processes

The Plexaar is a leading-edge CRM app created to revolutionize business processes. It’s a high-quality, fully automated system designed to get real work to businesses quickly and easily. It allows users to create a business profile, manage job schedules, maintain regular communication with clients, and implement customer feedback.

The Problem

Businesses registered with Plexar had a number of projects coming from the Expert App that needed to be completed daily, but their employees were having trouble keeping track of the amount of time they spent on each task/job and were not transparent about their allotted time. As a result, it has made it difficult for them to prioritize critical projects without being able to see all projects within one system.


Our solution was engineered for businesses to manage their workflow of daily tasks by creating a digital job calendar and assigning those tasks to their respective employees. The advantage that every worker can complete their day-to-day tasks, it helps the organizations to track everything in real time and communicate with the employees effectively. This leads to better productivity at all levels.

Case Studies

See examples of the bespoke software solutions, CRM, LMS and mobile apps we’ve created for our clients.

Expert App

An on-demand service app for customers

Live Chat System

A multi-purpose Chat System for customers & service providers

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