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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Streamlined Process

Automation, data analysis, reporting & tracking

Enhanced Productivity

Supply chain & inventory management

Cost Savings

Improved Stock Control, Manufacturing & logistics

Enterprise Resource Planning


Let’s automate your business operations with bespoke ERP solutions

Are you running a business without an ERP system? Since data is the lifeblood of every modern company, ERP makes it easier to collect, organize, analyse, and distribute this information to every individual and system that needs it to best achieve their role and responsibility. 

Choosing the best system from such a wide range available on the market isn’t easy. Selteq ERP developers will make it easy for you to develop the most efficient ERP solution that can resolve all your business problems and give you full control over business operations.


Say hello to smart software built to enhance your productivity

+ Payroll

We can also customize our custom payroll software solution to fit an organization’s needs. Whether looking for a simple end-of-year tax report or advanced approval workflow, we have the expertise to build a customized automated payroll software.

+ Attendance System

Time attendance software is a great way to save money and increase efficiency. By installing accurate time clock software, you can better manage your payroll, budget, and labor estimations. Using the best time tracking software, you can monitor your employees’ punches with accuracy. This means you can more accurately estimate how much money you’re spending, saving, and making on certain projects.

+ Inventory management System

Offering order tracking, invoicing and reporting for medium and large-sized companies across multiple locations – including production. Start tracking stock levels, cost, inventory value over time.


We collaborate with innovative brands to create cutting-edge digital experiences.

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