According to Statista, the number of mobile apps downloaded in 2019 is 204 billion, which was 140.68 billion in 2016, 178 billion in 2017, and 192.45 billion in 2018. The number of downloaded apps is going to grow even more in the times to come. According to a careful estimate, 258 billion apps will be downloaded until 2022, which means a staggering 45 percent upsurge in only five years. A Mary Keeper report in 2017 suggested that the time spent on the internet is increasing prodigiously. The apps have taken over laptops and desktops by a good margin. By the end of 2020, mobile apps are expected to reach $188.9 billion, says Statista. Explaining this stat, the revenue gained by mobile app downloads, ads, and in-app purchases in 2016 was $88 billion. However, the projected sum can hit $188.9 billion by the end of this year. This means the last four years have been really lucrative for the app development industry as it saw a 113% boost.

The main reason for this huge increase is that a large majority of consumers have smartphones filled with different applications. They love spending time using apps, feel more comfortable making in-app purchases, financing, booking and communicating, getting entertained, and a lot more through apps.

So, what do you learn from the fact and figures presented above? Let us tell you. Most businesses, irrespective of their sizes, are leveraging mobile apps to give their consumers a wonderful user experience, engage them, and present their products/services better via mobile apps.

And whether you are a start-up, small or medium enterprise, or a large organization, not having a business mobile app means you are leaving money on the table. Moreover, in this cut-throat competition, you are letting your competitors take the lead.

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How mobile app development service has become mandatory in the current times

If you haven’t yet incorporated a well-designed and developed mobile app into your repertoire, read on to know why you should contact a leading mobile app development service provider.

1. It has become a necessity

If you want to succeed in your niche, you need to have a fully functional, easy-to-navigate app based on modern trends. It allows you to engage with your consumers more personalized and friendly. Moreover, the analytics help you get hold of the users’ insight allowing you to change or enhance their user experience. If you want to compete in today’s business world, you cannot afford to ignore it.

2. Your competitors have it

One of the most compelling reasons for having a fully functional mobile app is that your competitors have it. They are taking great advantage of either having their own mobile app development service or outsourcing their work to a leading app development agency to have their app supporting their operations.

This way, they are reaping huge ROI as one of the main benefits of the business app in increased profitability.

3. Users love it

Conduct a survey of your target audience or ask a group of random people what they prefer between a mobile app, mobile site, or desktop site only. 90%, if not all, will answer in favour of the mobile app. Just bring to your mind any business or service provider, and they will have their apps in the play store or app store waiting to serve people. People don’t have time to open the browser, enter URLs, and reach the required information. They actually tap on the mobile app and rush to the required info or action they want to take. It saves time and effort.

4. Strengthen customer engagement

Mobile apps allow businesses of all sizes to create a direct marketing channel between their business and customer base. This allows for effective communication. Having a mobile app supporting your business allows you to send push and in-app notifications to thousands of users at one time. If your in-app notifications are different, timely, contain useful info and relevancy, customers will like them.

With a solid in-app notification strategy in place, you have more chances of cashing in. Moreover, users will become loyal. Their probability of opting for your services/products is likely to increase.

5. Increase accessibility

An app designed and developed by a leading and experienced app development services provider enhances your business accessibility manifold. Users can access your business easily. In fact, with an

app on their smartphone, they are just one step away from making a purchase or subscribing, and you are one stage away from making a sale or having a loyal client.

Moreover, you can send them notifications regarding your new offers, promos, improvements, changes in services, or anything that can benefit them. You as a business can make a strong relationship with your audience, which can lead to a genuine customer base that is loyal to you.

6. Transforming the retail experience

Having a mobile app in your repertoire helps you to up your game and stay ahead of users’ expectations by delivering a unique customer experience. Furthermore, they help in transforming the retail experience. Not only that, a mobile app helps you in stabilizing a digital process through which your ROI can take off, and you can lower your store costs too.

You must be aware that millions of businesses are based on mobile apps. By leveraging the technology, these businesses are lowering substantial overhead costs required for the establishment and maintenance of brick and mortar.

7. Brand Awareness

When it comes to brand awareness, having a mobile app for your business can do a world of good for your business. You can consider a mobile app as a blank billboard, and as a business, you can present it to your clients the way you want. You can make it helpful for them by creating fully functional, easy, and solving peoples’ problems.

Your main goal should be to present customers with something that gives them the solution to their problem, and they fall in love with it. A beautiful design and relevant information at their fingertips will make you gain recognition. This way, your clients can familiarise themselves with your operations and products/services.

The more they are involved with your business through your mobile app, the more chances are they will take advantage of it.

8. You can stand out from the competition

If you are a small business or just stepped in, having a mobile app will empower your brand. There are not many small businesses paying attention to the importance of a mobile app. This is where you can make it large and take the lead over your rivals. By having a business mobile app, you can make a huge difference.

As your competitors will be busy with other things, you as a small business having a customer-friendly mobile app can present your audience with something unexpected. It will come as a pleasant surprise for your clients, and they will be more attached to you owing to your advanced thinking and strategy.

Unique services and payment

Mobile apps for different niches come with different features. If you want to provide ease to your customers, you can integrate your in-app payment methods to receive payments through credit and debit cards, etc. These payment methods are secure, fast and people love them. With the advancement in technology, your customers expect these kinds of things in your app, and if you don’t have it, your competitors will have their noses in front.

In the end, we want to emphasize the importance of having a mobile app supporting your business, irrespective of your size. Whether you are outsourcing your app development tasks to a reliable app development team or have an in-house team for this purpose, you are actually setting the base for your business to taste huge success in the times to come.

A mobile app will sky-rocket your business towards attaining all goals you’ve set before setting your business.