Live Chat System

A multi-purpose Chat System to assist customers & service providers with real-time communication and deliver quick, personalized experiences.

24/7 Support to Spruce Up Satisfaction

The primary purpose of the Live Chat Tool is to manage multiple requests, at a time, with no backlog and wait time. It helps to engage, qualify, convert and resolve matters for all stakeholders in real-time. Apart from seamless interaction, this high-quality support system records customers’ inquiries, solutions provided, the number of queries entertained in a certain timeframe, and the feedback received from the other end.

The Problem

Before the integration of this 24/7, Live Communication Portal, many of our customers were facing difficulty getting in touch with our team. In case of any problem, delay, or lack of quality provided, most of them were clueless about where to contact/complain and how to resolve their problems. The same goes for our service providers who couldn’t contact us in case of any query or confusion. The end result was dissatisfied clients and infuriated professionals.


The main aim of this Live Chat System was to create harmony in our system and provide personalized communication to everyone be it the customers or service providers working for us. Now that we have this system up and working, our customer care executives are managing 100s of customer requests simultaneously, interacting with them, answering their questions, guiding them properly, boosting sales, enhancing marketing, and empowering the brand.

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