In the last decade or so, marketing as a whole has evolved to a great extent. With the advent of fast internet and mobile devices, we’ve seen the industry turning on its head & revolutionising for the better.

A few years back, websites were the main source of information and that connected businesses to their audiences. They also served as the global online presence for businesses, organisations and many more. However, the ever-increasing incline towards mobile has forced the industry to open the doors to mobile app development and mobile websites.

Why are we turning to mobile sites/apps?

When it comes to offering convenience to users, mobile apps, being dynamic, do the job perfectly for businesses. Mobile apps are built to perform the way users want. Both marketers and advertisers bank on mobile apps & websites to grow their businesses.

There isn’t much difference between mobile websites and regular websites. However, mobile sites are built to work seamlessly on small screen devices. They are more user-friendly, easy to use and considered great when it comes to gaining traffic to the main website.

Mobile websites are meant to give a tailored experience to their users via small screens. These websites benefit from the smart technology in phones & tabs in assisting users to navigate, access the web and what a company has on offer.

2 of the most popular mobile browsers are Chrome, used in Android, and iOS, used in Safari. A vast majority of mobile users use these platforms to conduct searches and access the websites they require.

Some advantages of mobile apps/sites

Healthy Interaction

Having a mobile augmenting your website, allows your audiences to connect and interact with your company/product/service in a fun & convenient way. They feel more at ease and in control as these apps mostly include native features like microphone, camera, touch or face ID, and push notifications for a better user experience.

A great feature that comes with native mobile apps is that they can be run offline. This helps the users to access and interact with the app even when they don’t have access to the internet or the connection isn’t as strong.

Dedicated platform

One main advantage of having an app or a mobile-friendly website is that one platform can be used on all devices like desktops, smartphones, tabs and smart TVs, etc. Also, normal websites require the internet to work which isn’t the case with mobile apps. Not to forget that websites require a strong connection to work and to create a good impression on the users.

Easy development

One main benefit you get as a business is cutting costs otherwise spent on developing multiple sites for different platforms. Having to develop one product instead of separate native mobile apps for two platforms will only result in you spending much more money and putting in way more effort than required.

While developing an app for Android or iOS, you may design it to make it exciting, intuitive and customer friendly by integrating UI elements and native gestures. Currently, businesses have their mobile apps developed from such service providers who are capable of fulfilling their design needs.

The affordability factor

Having a mobile app in their repertoire gives businesses an edge over those who haven’t yet heeded to it. Through a mobile app, they can offer personalised content to diverse users – based on their profiles. Even mobile websites don’t give you this.

A website acts as a basic online presence or the face of a company, on the other hand, having a responsive app from a reliable mobile app development company can provide a great experience to subscribers and users.

Enhanced browsing

If you want to provide an enhanced shopping experience and real-quick conversation options to users, mobile apps will do this job perfectly. Mobile apps can create shopping, browsing and check-out secure and easy as a breeze.

When compared to a normal website, mobile apps ease the entire e-commerce operations and allow users to perform transactions safely. Unlike a website, where a user may have to go through a long process of logging in and other stages to make a successful purchase, mobile apps allow people to do the same with a few taps while on the go.

Final say…

In the end, it is important to note that in modern times, when mobile apps have become inevitable, you ought to have a mobile website or an app to thrive. Both these need to be regularly updated and maintained to provide ease of experience and an enhanced user experience.

We at Selteq, promise you an efficient, fully functional and modern app created using futuristic trends that will make sure your business app performs seamlessly on all devices and platforms.