Recently, a global technology event by the name of LEAP was held, from 1-3rd of Feb, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia hosting leading tech firms and the greatest brains from all over the world. This tech extravaganza served as a platform for IT firms to showcase their most disruptive and futuristic technologies.

With an abundance of cutting-edge technologies to go along with disruptive innovations and revolutionary ideas in one place, LEAP Exhibition promises to fast-track progress in multifarious verticals like finance, education, entertainment, healthcare, smart cities, energy, tourism, and many more.

Selteq At LEAP

Among many tech firms present at the event to make a mark and showcase their abilities, Selteq also made its presence felt by introducing ground-breaking and business easing technologies. We are a leading software solution provider headquartered in the UK, providing unmatched software solutions to businesses worldwide, helping them grow exponentially – irrespective of their size.

Overwhelming response

We were overwhelmed by the response of the many guests and business owners who showed great interest in our highly efficient, cross-platform and business easing software solutions, enabling them to speed up their growth and compete in this hyper-digital world. During the 3-day event at Riyadh, the CEO and President of Selteq showcased our high-tech business solutions to many well-known companies operating in different parts of the world.

On this occasion, Raheem Daad, Selteq’s CEO, said, “We are thrilled at the response we are getting from local and international companies towards our smart software solutions. We are happy that our booth is crowded with people keen to know how our business & customer-friendly solutions would benefit their organisations”.

Empower your brand with Selteq

Backed by a pool of 50+ agile-trained and highly experienced development professionals, Selteq is your ultimate technology partner. We create future-proof software solutions − based on the latest methodologies − that are secure, intelligent and adaptable to your business needs.

By integrating our leading-edge digital solutions into your system, you can gain a competitive edge over the rest, cut costs and boost your operations manifold. Whether you are a startup, SME or a large organisation, just whisper it in our ears, and we will make it happen.

Our strengths

Till now, we have enabled many businesses to experience digital growth through our turnkey solutions in:

  • Banking & Finance
  • E-commerce
  • Healthcare & Medical
  • Education
  • Enterprise Resource Planning

Banking & Finance

Owing to our bespoke software solutions to meet their current and future needs, we assist financial organisations, insurance firms, banks and wealth management companies transform their offerings for customers’ ever-changing needs. We help them by developing secure, adaptable and fast software solutions for the web and mobile to protect their systems from any vulnerability.

At Selteq, over-the-shelf software is never an option as we specialise in bespoke software tailored to an organisation’s needs. We do this by reviewing an institution’s internal structure & processes to come up with software that complies with their financial needs.


Be it the customisation of an already operational system or building a friendly system from scratch to meet your business needs, we are adept at providing exactly what you want, and your customers love. We build your E-commerce platforms by keeping your product in mind which ultimately improves the chances of customers making a purchase.

Our fully-responsive and data-driven e-commerce systems are flexible, reliable, secure and optimised for conversion to help you enjoy an enhanced revenue.

Healthcare & Medical

When it comes to the healthcare & medical industry, Selteq’s industry-leading software specialists are aware that technology and innovation are inevitable. If you are a hospital or clinic and want custom software to streamline your daily operations, Selteq is your best bet.

We specialise in Hospital ERP, Hospital Billing Software, Practice Management Software, Medical Billing Software, health care management software, Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR), Electronic Medical Record (EMR), a convenient scheduling system and many more.


Selteq is on a mission to ease the learning process and make it fun for students and educators. Our e-learning mobile apps can help unleash the power of digital learning and enable educators to create a classroom environment anywhere.

Using our cutting-edge technology, teachers can better engage their pupils using learning management systems that include knowledge portals, cloud-based education, student management portal & attendance system − to support administrative process – and a database to store progress, grades and reports.

Our student management software helps teachers and educational institutes establish seamless communication with their parents regarding the performance of the students.

Enterprise Resource Planning

Accelerate your business growth and enhance your productivity with Selteq’s customised ERP software. Incorporating a strong ERP system gives you complete control over your operations and resolves many problems.

Our business-friendly and tailored ERP solutions for payroll, attendance, and inventory management systems are created to streamline your process, boost productivity, and lower costs.